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We Appreciate Your Help

Become a Volunteer

Donate A Gown for Prom

Join us at Maria's Closet, where we transform lives and empower young women, one gown at a time. As a volunteer, you'll play a crucial role in creating unforgettable moments. Whether it’s helping a young woman choose her dream prom dress, coordinating accessories, or simply offering a supportive smile, your contribution will make a lasting impact. 

Donating a dress to Maria's Closet is a simple yet powerful way to make a significant difference in a young woman's life, allowing her to experience the joy and confidence of prom night. A donated gown becomes a cherished treasure for a high school senior, symbolizing support, empowerment, and the community's kindness. 

Support with a Donation

Corporate Partnerships 

Making a monetary donation to Maria's Closet is more than just a financial contribution; it's an investment in the dreams and self-esteem of young women.  Every dollar you contribute helps sustain our mission, expand our reach, and continue the legacy of compassion and empowerment of young women that defines Maria's Closet.

At Maria's Closet, we welcome your partnership in various impactful ways. From donating prom items that will bring joy to a young woman's special night, to sponsoring or hosting events that celebrate and support our mission, or providing gifts for auction at our fundraisers, your contribution is invaluable.

If you’d like more information about how to give back, get in touch today.

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