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Young Women 

one gown at a time... 

What we do

We know senior year is a special time for high schoolers,

filled with memorable events like prom, grad night,

senior photos, college applications, graduation and so much more. As fun and exciting as this final year can be, these hallmark occasions can mount up to financial stress for many students and their family which, for so many, means missing out on that classic, magical night: prom. 


Here at Maria's Closet, we don't want the cost of prom to weigh on the young women in our community. We know that no senior wants to miss out on activities and events that they have been waiting for since freshman year! We know that it takes a village, and that's why Maria's Closet is empowering young women, one gown at a time! 


The Marias Girls will have the opportunity to attend our BIG GIVE in the spring or visit our location in San Pedro and work one-on-one with our members to find the dress of their dreams with accessories to match!

What we do

It's about more than a prom dress.

It is about empowerment. It is about community. It is about confidence.

It is about reminding the young women who come to us that there are people cheering them on, even if they've never met them.

It is about thinking of what can be, not just what is.

It is about turning dreams into realities.

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Our story

Maria’s Closet is dedicated to its namesake Maria Luna, the mother in law of our fearless founder, Ronna Luna. Maria personified kindness and generosity, and for 34 years, Ronna learned from her, inspired by her spirit of giving. One day, Ronna was introduced to Gillian, a high school student from San Pedro High School who didn’t have a dress for her prom. Ronna took Gillian on a shopping trip where they found her perfect dress, and seeing the new found confidence on the young girls face, Ronna felt Marias heart shining through. She realized a door had opened for her to continue on this legacy, and so, Maria’s Closet was born. 


It is Ronna’s hope to pass along Maria’s compassion and love to the young girls of San Pedro and Harbor communities and empower them in their time of need. After all, it takes a village.

pictured above
top: Gillian and her prom date/ bottom left: our Founder Ronna Luna with Maria Luna/ bottom right: Maria Luna

our story
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