Our Story

Inspired by Gillian

Maria’s Closet was inspired by Gillian. She needed a dress to attend her prom. Ronna, the founder of Maria's Closet, was introduced to Gillian by her school counselor. One Saturday morning, Ronna and Gillian took a shopping adventure to downtown Los Angeles, where they found the perfect dress. After a day of shopping, Ronna made sure that this young woman from SPHS was going to prom and going to rock it! The minute Ronna saw Gillian's beaming, confident smile on Prom day she was instantly hooked and had the desire to help other young women in the same way she was able to help Gillian. 

Dedicated to Maria

Maria’s Closet is dedicated to Maria Luna, mother-in-law to founder, Ronna Lynn Luna. Maria was a woman who personified kindness, love to others, and endless giving.  For 34 years Ronna was able to be a part of Maria’s life, learning from her the spirit of giving.  After Ronna’s experience with Gillian, the student from San Pedro High School who needed a dress for Prom, Ronna realized the door had opened allowing her to continue her mother-in-law’s legacy of love.  Thus, Maria’s Closet was born. Maria’s Closet holds tightly to the virtues and embodiment of Maria, including her lifting-up of others, providing encouragement when needed and the spirit of giving.   


It is Ronna’s hope, that Maria’s spirit of giving will transfer from Maria’s Closet to the young girls of San Pedro/Harbor communities letting them know that people care about them and want to empower them in their time of need.  Thinking of her 34 years with Maria, Ronna is excited to know that some day one of these girls will continue on Maria’s spirit and find a way to give back to their community as well.   After all, it takes a village. 

Our Mission 

Maria’s Closet is dedicated to promoting confidence and a positive self-image for young women within our community.


Our mission is to help hundreds of young women each year find the same feeling Gillian had when she was able to go to prom.

Help us make the dreams of a beautiful prom come true.